The Boundless CFX Vaporizer For Sale Online – Lowest Price

The Boundless CFX Vaporizer is a portable vape  which  is a hybrid convection unit for Dry Herb .It does an excellent job at precisely holding those temps and heats up quickly.

The body of the CFX is rubberized. It is  soft and smooth, but grippy and does not  feel cheap. You will really enjoy the textured design and rubbery finish it is  strangely pleasurable to feel. The Mouthpiece and the cooling unit are medical grade plastic which is softer yet can stand the intense heat. Buttons and the display feel solid. They’re  nicely set which everything feels durable. The Boundless CFX has 5-minute auto shut-off and by holding the button for 3 seconds will restart the heat right away. I love the temperature and heat time display it’s pretty amazing, very useful if you want to monitor your entire session experience.

The CFX heats up quickly. The first minute of use will be mainly convection. The inside of the bowl isn’t hot at the start of the session, but rather at the end of the session – it will be 10 degrees higher than the set temperature. I’ve also found that heat dissipates fast, which will be nice if you like to unload and reload instantly after a session.  If you want to find the Boundless CFX Lowest Price then check out our partner web site that we have linked to earlier in this very sentence.

The draw resistance is higher than I prefer, but it’s not the worst. If you try to push your draws too hard. It might clog the screens and just make it worse. Just take draws nice and easy, right at the resistance level and the vapor is perfect.

The plastic/silicon ring on the heating chamber has a tendency to pick up the most of the gunk, but blowing or brushing it will immediately clear it up. I wipe the oven and its screens with an ISO Q-tip once weekly. Despite the heavy usage, cleaning hasn’t been an issue. The cooling unit can be easily disassembled for easy cleaning. Soaking it on an ISO for a couple of minutes, can get rid of all residues and gunk but soaking it for a long period of time isn’t recommended. Unloading a cooked bowl is simple. If it does not  tap out, a poke or two with a stirrer usually loosens everything.

When the CFX was first released it was marketed as a convection device.  Early user testing showed it to have a high amount of conduction heating.  Boundless has since changed their marketing to more accurately describe the heating technology.  At the end of the day, this is the first vaporizer I’ve liked that uses mostly conduction heating.

This is a great budget vape and a great comparison to a high-end unit like Mighty Vaporizer at a much lower price point. It creates better vapor and vaping experience than any vaporizer in the market in its price range. This is definitely the one if you have been  looking for the best portable vape without crossing your $200 budget. To give you a heads up for the best price and overall performance in the market.

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