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Compassion Associates is a New Jersey-based, not-for-profit organization which was founded by individuals who are concerned for patients in New Jersey who will benefit from the legal, medicinal use of marijuana. The organization’s founders include Bradley Mann, a long-time New Jersey resident who himself suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. The organization was formed to help ensure that – where medical marijuana is deemed legal (including New Jersey) – no person who could benefit from the medicinal use of marijuana is left out, so that no person needlessly suffers; thus, our Group’s slogan: “People Helping People Feel Better”. . . .

Compassion Associates was also founded by Michael Press Berman, who is a University of Pennsylvania and Wharton Business School graduate, and who is an entrepreneur and an attorney admitted to practice in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.  For his charitable and organizational efforts, Michael was awarded and inducted as an honorary, “Friend to The American Cancer Society.

Compassion Associates immediate goals include:

  • educating the public about the status of the current legislation (and the anticipated regulations) related to the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act,
  • providing valuable information to individuals about where and how they can obtain New Jersey Medical Marijuana Registry Identification Cards, and information about where qualified patients can find and register with New Jersey Medical Marijuana Alternative Treatment Centers;
  • giving qualified patients access to LIMMA – the Low-Income Medical Marijuana Assistance program – designed to allow low-income patients to have access to medical marijuana (which is not covered by health insurance);
  • making available to patients (and their loved ones) information on what the medical community says are the best and safest medical ways for qualified patients to ingest medical marijuana, including vaporizers, alternative use products, bakery items (brownies, cookies, candy bars), and even olive oil;
  • providing a blog and forum, and act as the common “Voice of Compassion”, for all persons in New Jersey (and elsewhere) who will benefit from the legal, medical use of marijuana, or who simply wish to support and/or learn about the legalized, medical-use of marijuana in New Jersey (or in other jurisdictions where such activity is deemed legal); and
  • obtaining licensing from the State of New Jersey to become an authorized Medical Marijuana Alternative Treatment Center known as“The New Jersey Compassion Center”, and to manufacture, harvest and distribute medical marijuana to qualified patients as authorized under CUMMA.

Please join our community, contribute to our cause if you can, and join us in our mission of People Helping People Feel Better.

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